Sunday, February 17, 2013

Honey and Heroes

It started with bedtime, a goodnight snuggle and a scalding cup of coffee.  Next thing I know my daughter is screeching out of her room, with her little brother hot on her tail – both hysterically screaming, I actually thought there was a mouse in their room until I saw my daughter’s leg.  Five hours later we were home from the hospital with another challenge on our hands; how to provide the best care for our daughter who had 2nd degree burns down her leg and buttocks. 

My husband was initially happy with the advice from the doctors and nurses at the hospital, who were wonderful, but unfortunately not fully informed.  It didn’t take me long to bring up the countless research studies, including a systemic Cochrane review, to show him that the Silver Sulforadizine was far inferior to high quality, 100% active leptospermum honey, from Manuka honey. 

We all know that the biggest issue with burns is the likelihood for infection.  A study published in the British Journal of surgery compared Silver Sulfadiazine – what the nurse put on the dressing at the hospital and what I was told is what they ALWAYS use, to honey.  The results are shocking, 91% of the people treated with honey had no infections after 7 days, vs 7% of those treated with Silver Sulfadiazine.  7 vs 91 – seriously, and our docs aren’t noticing this?  Healthy granulation tissue was observed on average 6 days earlier in those treated with honey and finally, 87% of the honey treated group were healed with 15 days vs 10% of the Silver group.   A 2008 article published in Evidence Based Complimentary journal speaks of a case at the Children's Hospital Medical Centre  affiliated with the University of Bonn where a 12 year old was put in isolation after an operation resulting in MRSA (antibiotic resistant) infection.  After 12 days of isolation and all the best tricks to contain the infection, no results were seen, so as a last resort they allowed the honey treatment.  2 days later the child was MRSA negative.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of honey you can get at your local health food store, so it took some serious investigating and calling the best Naturopathic Doctors I know to track it down on a Saturday morning.  I found myself back at +Dr. Eric Marsden’s clinic, my first mentor and where I spent the first 2 years of my practice – a clinic ahead of its time, very cutting edge and the only place to have the supplies I needed.  Thank you Eric for being so prepared that you keep said supplies on hand “just in case”, and for opening your clinic to see us on your Saturday afternoon. Samantha asked if we were at another hospital, and I told her it was better than a hospital.  Eric was more gentle, more thorough and more researched that the nurses and docs at the hospital (though they were lovely) and it really did feel like we were back at the ER.

 So, let’s keep our fingers crossed the honey does the trick and once again, thanks to all the people helping us out.  It’s amazing how supportive the community is when you need it.  Cornell Moms’ have offered assistance, friends going out of there way, Nadine, Jenny, mom and dad, strangers going out of their way, thank goodness for Community, our heros making a nasty situation a little bit sweet.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a terrible, TERRIBLE circumstance for your family to go through. I am so, so sorry to hear this!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. She's doing really well now.

  2. Indeed, this is really terrible, instances like this are scary especially when it spreads among different places in your town. I've read an article about it at this article about mrsa infection which killed eighteen thousand plus people in just one year that made it much worst than the spreading of HIV virus. I hope this kind of disease can be solved by our government.

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