Saturday, November 26, 2011

Announcing Naturopathic Living - come check it out!

Announcing the opening of Naturopathic Living Medical Solution; a family focused, primary care clinic located in historical downtown Unionville!

Naturopathic Living is a family health clinic specializing in women and men’s health, fertility, pediatrics and oncology.  We are one of 10 clinic in Canada with a certified Naturopathic oncologist, making Naturopathic Living a cancer centre of excellence, right here in Markham!

Naturopathic Living is committed to be lifelong health partners with the families of our community by providing superior, compassionate and individualized Naturopathic, and complementary medical solutions.  Our focused is on the well-being, prevention, treatment of acute and chronic diseases, for the achievement of optimal health

With over 25 years combined experience, our integrative team of practitioners will take the time to truly listen to your health concerns and work with you to develop a plan that suits your lifestyle. 
We provide cutting edge diagnostics and assessment such as dark field microscopy, full laboratory services including food sensitivity and hormone testing, intravenous therapy, biopuncture, and facial rejuvenation.  We are also in the process of acquiring massage therapy, psychotherapy, osteopathic therapy and nutritional counselling.

Let our family to take care of yours – call Naturopathic Living to book a complementary, 15 minute ‘meet the doctor’ today.

139 Main St. # 204
Unionville, On

Once again - acupuncture proves useful for cancer patients

New Study Claims that Acupuncture Can prevent Radiation Symptoms
According to new research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, acupuncture has been claimed to prevent radiation-induced chronic dry mouth. Though there have already been studies validating the claims of acupuncture and cancer patient recovery, this is just another step in the right direction to fully support the effects of acupuncture and alternative therapies, alike.
Researchers claim that, when given as a complement to radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, acupuncture has shown for the first time to reduce the effect of chronic dry mouth. This form of dry mouth is called xerostomia and is severe and debilitating to patients. It impairs the quality of life, which is already at stake, by making it hard to eat, sleep, and speak. The lack of saliva and mucous also allows for an increase in oral infections.
Though there have been past treatments for this condition, they have had a limited effect. That is why these findings are so vital to the cancer-treatment community.  The study has produced the first randomized controlled trial of acupuncture for the prevention of xerostomia. There have been studies in the past regarding the benefits of acupuncture after it develops, but not to just prevent it.
The study conducted at the Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, showed that patients treated with acupuncture and radiation showed positive changes as early as three weeks. Within one month of treatment, the acupuncture group had low xerostomia numbers and increased saliva volumes. This study was long-term, and produced positives conclusions for up to six months.
Many of the researchers, thrilled with the findings, are now conducting studies to see the effects of acupuncture on other cancer-treatment symptoms. There have been many anecdotal claims by cancer patients of the effects, but the proof of science will set it mainstream.
Though this is just one example of the benefits of a natural therapy, acupuncture has been used by patients with any form of cancer prognosis. This study is not limited to just head and neck cancer. Patients suffering from aggressive and painful cancers like, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma or mesothelioma, swear by the effects of acupuncture.

by guest blogger Allison Brooks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chronic Pain – the cure might be simpler than you thought

Aching, arthritic knees, pounding headaches, colic, reflux, fibromyalgia, back pain – the cure may be as simple as a glass of water.  ‘Dehydration pain’ is the primary common factor and pain-producing problem in most adults.  Water is necessary to flush out toxic by-products of cellular metabolism.  During times of water shortage, the nerve ending in regions short of water, sense the increased toxicity and sound the alarm, forcing you to stop doing what you are doing to in order to decrease the metabolic waste. 

Beginning at the age of 20, our levels of intracellular water begin to decrease, specifically in the mitochondria, our energy producing powerhouse found in every cell within the body which produces the most metabolic waste.  Lack of water leading to increased levels of toxins within the cell then causes enzymatic dysfunction and decreased fluidity of the membrane.  This may create a vicious cycle whereas water and toxin exchange becomes even more difficult.  Not all water is created equal, and changes in ion levels may have created an environment which is hydrophobic (water hating).  In this case working on pH rebalancing and toxic flushing is key in restoring water balance.

Our nation’s affection for coffee, tea, alcohol and soda pop not only cause dehydration, but replace water as our drink of choice.  75% of North Americans are chronically dehydration, and dehydration is relatively asymptomatic, with dry mouth being a late stage symptom, whereas pain may actually be your first sign. So next time pain comes calling, reach for the water jug instead of the Tylenol, your body is trying to tell you something if you would only listen.

To learn more about the healing properties of water, click here

Monday, March 21, 2011

Men Winning the Weight Loss Race

As women, we pride ourselves on our multi tasking abilities.  Working, keeping the home, raising the kids – we do it all, or at least feel we do.  Little wonder that I find men are usually able to drop those extra pounds faster than women, and ladies, it’s not just because they have extra lean muscle mass, they have, in general, the focus.
How many times have I heard a lady say “My husband couldn’t multi task to save his life, he can only focus on one thing at a time, but by god, when he focuses, results happen.”
So my question to you, are you focusing?  Do yo really want to achieve your weight loss goals, because quite frankly, if it’s number 10 on your list of priorities, or even # 1 but being treated with no more determination than trying to remember to groom the dog, then the road will be a slow and frustrating one.
The key to weight loss is not simply calories and exercise, the key is programming your mind for success, staying focused and avoiding self sabotage. 
I find mindless eating one of the number one calorie killers, because one is bored, tired, and just isn’t paying attention to what they’re doing.  That ‘roaming the kitchen’ is the worst kind of sabotage! 
Creating realistic, powerful goals and affirmations and keeping them in front of you and ‘on your mind’ has proven itself countless times.  Affirmations are more powerful than you can imagine, but their influence relies on repetition and belief.  Throw in a few visualizations and focus, and your results will astound you.
A group of Soviet Sports scientist conducted a study in which elite athletes were divided into 4 groups.
Group 1: 100% physical training
Group 2: 75% physical training at 25% mental training
Group 3: 50% physical training and 50 % mental training
Group 4 25% physical training and 75 % mental training
The results showed that the greatest improvements were seen in Group 4, followed by Group 3, then 2 and finally group 1, even though this group had the most physical training.
So write those affirmations, reprogram your subconscious mind, stay focused (like a man) and watch those pounds melt away.
Debbie Smrz, BSc, ND