Friday, December 24, 2010

Clinic News and Season's Greeting

Season’s Greetings and here’s to a joyful and prosperous new year to all.

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on my warmest wishes and sincere gratitude for making me a part of your life during 2010.  May 2011 bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve.

What’s new for 2011

Darkfield Microscope
I am excited to announce that I have finally purchased my live cell microscope and will have it up and running for February!  All it takes is a tiny drop of blood and together we can analyze your blood, noting possible nutrient deficiencies and disease states.  Seeing your blood magnified 100X and projected onto a screen is a unique experience, described as ‘wild, amazing, and wow’ by most patients.

Increase in hours
Due to increasing patient load, I have increased my hours to:
Tuesday: 2 – 8
Wednesday: 9 – 5
Friday: 9 – 3

Can’t make it into clinic?  I have been doing house calls for select patients and foresee the demand growing in 2011.  Phone consultations are another way to see the doc without coming into clinic.
The cold and flu season has hit us with full force already this year.  When you’re sick is the perfect time to come in for a visit – from stubborn coughs to getting over the cold quick, we can help.

Intravenous vitamins and minerals.
Our new and improved IV suite offers patients a very relaxing and peaceful environment to enjoy this safe yet powerful treatment.  As well as cancer treatment, we have had great success supporting the body’s immune system in acute illness, colds and flus, autoimmune disorders, treating fatigue, pain and anxiety.

Inhaled glutathione.  Our nebulizer is working wonderfully to deal with stubborn coughs and chronic lung infections, results seen in 2-3 sessions.

biopuncture is a proven pain reduction method.  In biopuncture, small amounts of homeopathic substances are injected into and around painful areas and the correlating spinal segments.  Significant benefits usually achieved within 4 treatments.

Complementary visits and referrals.  I welcome new patients and appreciate referrals from family and friends. As always,  I offer a 15 minute ‘meet the doctor’ where naturopathic medicine is explained and we can determine how I can help and if this is the best route.

Social media – Follow my blog at
My website:
My facebook page: I-Living, Naturopathic Medicine

To officially launch my darkfield microscope, I am offering initial readings at only $47, (regular $94 without an appointment).  Bring the coupon below to get your reading at this reduced rate. You don’t already need to be a patient so feel free to photocopy and pass on to your friends and family.

50% off
Present this coupon to receive a Live Cell Analysis Reading at$42, (over 50% off)
Dr. Debbie Smrz, BSc, ND  
Naturopathic Foundations
Markham, Ontario
50% OffValid Feb 1 – March 31, 2011

Yours in good health,


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