Monday, March 21, 2011

Men Winning the Weight Loss Race

As women, we pride ourselves on our multi tasking abilities.  Working, keeping the home, raising the kids – we do it all, or at least feel we do.  Little wonder that I find men are usually able to drop those extra pounds faster than women, and ladies, it’s not just because they have extra lean muscle mass, they have, in general, the focus.
How many times have I heard a lady say “My husband couldn’t multi task to save his life, he can only focus on one thing at a time, but by god, when he focuses, results happen.”
So my question to you, are you focusing?  Do yo really want to achieve your weight loss goals, because quite frankly, if it’s number 10 on your list of priorities, or even # 1 but being treated with no more determination than trying to remember to groom the dog, then the road will be a slow and frustrating one.
The key to weight loss is not simply calories and exercise, the key is programming your mind for success, staying focused and avoiding self sabotage. 
I find mindless eating one of the number one calorie killers, because one is bored, tired, and just isn’t paying attention to what they’re doing.  That ‘roaming the kitchen’ is the worst kind of sabotage! 
Creating realistic, powerful goals and affirmations and keeping them in front of you and ‘on your mind’ has proven itself countless times.  Affirmations are more powerful than you can imagine, but their influence relies on repetition and belief.  Throw in a few visualizations and focus, and your results will astound you.
A group of Soviet Sports scientist conducted a study in which elite athletes were divided into 4 groups.
Group 1: 100% physical training
Group 2: 75% physical training at 25% mental training
Group 3: 50% physical training and 50 % mental training
Group 4 25% physical training and 75 % mental training
The results showed that the greatest improvements were seen in Group 4, followed by Group 3, then 2 and finally group 1, even though this group had the most physical training.
So write those affirmations, reprogram your subconscious mind, stay focused (like a man) and watch those pounds melt away.
Debbie Smrz, BSc, ND

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