Monday, May 9, 2011

Chronic Pain – the cure might be simpler than you thought

Aching, arthritic knees, pounding headaches, colic, reflux, fibromyalgia, back pain – the cure may be as simple as a glass of water.  ‘Dehydration pain’ is the primary common factor and pain-producing problem in most adults.  Water is necessary to flush out toxic by-products of cellular metabolism.  During times of water shortage, the nerve ending in regions short of water, sense the increased toxicity and sound the alarm, forcing you to stop doing what you are doing to in order to decrease the metabolic waste. 

Beginning at the age of 20, our levels of intracellular water begin to decrease, specifically in the mitochondria, our energy producing powerhouse found in every cell within the body which produces the most metabolic waste.  Lack of water leading to increased levels of toxins within the cell then causes enzymatic dysfunction and decreased fluidity of the membrane.  This may create a vicious cycle whereas water and toxin exchange becomes even more difficult.  Not all water is created equal, and changes in ion levels may have created an environment which is hydrophobic (water hating).  In this case working on pH rebalancing and toxic flushing is key in restoring water balance.

Our nation’s affection for coffee, tea, alcohol and soda pop not only cause dehydration, but replace water as our drink of choice.  75% of North Americans are chronically dehydration, and dehydration is relatively asymptomatic, with dry mouth being a late stage symptom, whereas pain may actually be your first sign. So next time pain comes calling, reach for the water jug instead of the Tylenol, your body is trying to tell you something if you would only listen.

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