Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living with Intention – Goal setting for weight loss

Today I taught a Bodycombat class at Goodlife.   Before class as the participants were lining up I walked down the line asking everyone their goals.  I like to know what people are trying to get out of the class so I can meet and exceed expectation.  Most of the class sadly didn’t have a goal in mind; a few said to finish the class, fair enough, one to work on form in punches and kicks, one to simply ‘make it’ to the gym, hmmm, already achieved, so now what?

So, when I started the class, I told them my goal for THEM this class, is for them to sweat A LOT.  Wet shirts and small puddles on the floor 60 minutes later told me I met MY goal.  I also wore my heart rate monitor, because before every work out I ALWAYS set a specific goal.

Each action we do, do with intention.  Perhaps your goal is to make a new friend, simply get out of the house and have fun; all wonderful objectives. But, if your goal is to achieve weight loss, than that 60 minutes you’re at the gym, work with intention and have a in mind goal, what are you trying to achieve and why?

Setting specific goals is by far the most important part of any weight loss program and one that is often ignored.  Only 3% of us actually take the time to put our goals in writing.  How can you possibly hit a goal that you can’t even see?  As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

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