Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Theories behind PANDAS and why I think this happened to us

A perfect storm Inflammation (Sam suddenly started drinking milk, something she had never done before which we know she is sensitive to = immunological activation + inflammation).  This also affected her gut health which is strongly correlated with immune and neurological function.

Sam caught Strep which began molecular mimicry and overactivation of the immune system.  Molecular mimicry is when antibodies intended for foreign proteins and invaders may cause lesions and pathology in healthy tissue (nerve cells). These now act as ‘neurotoxins’ in the brain.

 “PANDAS is believed to be caused in part by molecular mimicry – the neurological symptoms being a result of GABHS antibodies acting against an individual’s basal ganglia and neural tissue”

General stress so that there are less resources available for the body to deal with the gut, immune and inflammation issues mentioned above.  High cortisol levels and hormones in general (starting grade 6 – I took Sam to Universal studios for her birthday Sept. 15th – 18th, so the stress of coming back to reality, starting Grade 6, so many kids / social situation to deal with after the summer of general ease, school work, hormones etc).

Energetically, some would (and have) say this happened for my journey to be a better doctor and Naturopath.  Navigating the school and medical system to access resources, REALLY understanding what parents are going through, and I'll admit, it's been a while since we've been gluten and dairy free, so even navigating the grocery stores.  I 'know' what to do yes, but the learning curve of applying it all again.

The plan
1.      Anti-microbials
2.      Anti-inflammatory lifestyle (no gluten, no dairy, no corn, no sugar)
3.      Treat the gut
4.      Decrease neurotoxins
5.      Anxiety strategies

6.      Home schooling for 4-6 weeks (who knew YRDSB did this)

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  1. Hallelujah – marked improvements since we started the antimicrobials. I mean, night and day difference.