Monday, November 27, 2017

Jumping on the Dot Journal Bandwagon

Gratitude journaling is a key component to mental health, something we should all be doing daily.  

As is taking a few minutes each day to reflect on what went well and what we can improve.  Making to do lists, and carrying those that need to over to the next day and tracking important (or not so important but interesting) things in our lives all help us stay organized and on top of things.  Finally but possibly most important, having a creative outlet adds the fun into our life.  

This is why I love the idea of ‘Bullet’ or Dot Journaling.  A colleague showed me her dot journal at a conference we attended a few weeks ago, and I fell in love – thank you Dr. Lisa Watson.

Now, Lisa, as well as being a fabulous ND, is also an artist.  So she quickly assured me that mine won’t be as super fantastic as hers, and that it doesn’t need to be.  A few simple concepts and bam, you are off the races keeping all your thoughts, hopes, to-do lists and happy moments all in one place.

I’m starting slowly, but can see how this could easily become an addiction.  As you peruse the internet you will see countless sites, blogs and boards devoted to this really cool concept.  

Here is a great infographic I found to help you get started.  

So, go buy yourself a journal and happy bulleting!  Keep me posted on your progress.

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